I stare into the sky,

see the clouds passing by,

follow a dove’s voyage.

I stare and stare.

And imagine someone else doing the same

at this very same moment.

There is so much above us.

That we don’t know what

makes it even



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just do it

“Just do it.” 3 words constantly repeated to her. In person, by sms, by letter … at a certain point, she even dreams of them.

When she does “it”, he isn’t there to hold her holds.

The tears falling down on this greyish afternoon are only hers.


When I got this card by Sonja from Slovenia, I wasn’t drawn to write a story of “Just do it” in the Nike-lifestyle-way. Why? I don’t know but I saw not a person jumping/going ahead of free will but a person forcing another one. What is your story about “Just do it”?

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“May I?” I hear these words and imagine myself to be at a dance of 19th Century high society here in Kislovodsk, candles enlightening this beautiul decorated ballroom, young soldiers in elegant uniforms, myself in a stunning dress … oh well, you know all this clisché fairy-tale-story and “May I?” actually “May I offer you my hand for a dance?” and we dance and we dance on forever (without any wicked mother-in-law, or any money problems, actually without any problems at all as this fairy-tale-wonderland).

“May I? You stand on my rucksack and I must leave at this station.”

Air bubble exploding.

I’m in a crowded bus in cold winter 2021, we’re in corona-modus so everything f* and a man has turned towards me, his voice not transporting so nice feelings as any of my handsome dream soldiers. I move aside and he gets off.

Did I just miss my personal fairy tale? As these eyes! Why do we need to wear all thesee masks when they hide almost the whole face – I want to see the rest of him.

“Hey, wait…”

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a great ocean

of unknown future

lays in front

of us


we are in


of losing





we feel

our feet


the ground

we are in

a swirl

a wave






we open

our eyes






in front



we hope

we dream

we are


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La Belle Dame sans Merci

“Look, Miss, two beautiful elks over there at the waterfall.”

“It’s Madame, boy, and beautiful? Oh yes, you’re right, you can make beautiful flur hats from their skin, can’t you?”

Why I remember this episode from so many years ago when reading La Belle Dame sans Merci from John Keats? Oh well, a beauty face doesn’t mean you’re beautiful inside.

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Forest Walk

There would be so many words to

describe this forest walk we made

this day/this season/this so special year.

I could describe how

we laugh, what

we see, that maybe

we cried, or

we kissed, how

the air


in our



we discover, how



But the only word I have

for this forest walk



Autumn 2020

From my forest walk today (well it was in a park but felt like Canada during Indian Summer…)

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“My word for you is Justice.” She doesn’t turn towards me but I see that something has changed. She looks outside the window. Towards the fields. The clouds. The invisible sun.

She doesn’t say a word but I feel that justice is a different word, world for her than for me.

And I strongly fear thar, if she was old enough to vote now, her choice would be another one on 3rd November than for me.

R.I.P. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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I miss traveling.

So simple as that is life in Autumn 2020.

In 2020 from March 13th on.

What is left are memories

and small treasures

small trips to unknown/known places that don’t sound as exotic as Bali and Co. but that are much more Heimat

or day-dreaming yourself away

visiting Coventry via postcard?

why not? In 2020, not the places count but the feelings inside hear/mind/soul.

P.S. I know the picture needs to be turned around but WP changed layout and I’m happy to post anything, putting a picture right is out of my knowledge yet.

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I see my reflection in the aquarium’s window. If I didn’t know I was tired to the bone, I’d see it now. When did I go to the haidresser’s the last time (for myself, not for my children); and is there ketchup on my worn-out-T-shirt?

When I see my 40-years-old-me, I remember when I visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium the first time. We two hadn’t any time, nor desire looking at the animals, so much we kissed.

The next time I visited there was no one to distract me – we had broke up the day before (for which silly reason did we I’m asking myself now. and where is he now? who does he kiss, or does not?). But I couldn’t look at the sea otters, they had moved to another zoo because of construction.

But now I’m able to see them, and I do.

Who cares that my two little ones play hide and seek in the other room, and that have start screaming? The cute sea otters make me smile; at least I get a smile today.

When all I really want is a deep, long kiss.

To feel as a woman, and not as a tired mum, again.

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“look, there’s a hummigüegli. Isn’t it beautiful?” I turn around, half expecting him to point to one of the mountains in the far distance, saying again something in Bernerdeutsch that I can’t understand. But he looks at a lovely flower, takes something in his hands, and what towards me. “Here, look – a hummigüegli.” “Ah, you mean a ladybug.” He smiles. “Yes, doesn’t it match perfectly – the great mountain’s sky and a lovely lady at my side. Am I not the happiest person on Earth?” I have no other answer for him than to kiss him.

Hummigüegli is ladybug in Bernerdeutsch (Switzerland)

himmu for heaven
gueg for bug
güegli for little bug

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