Reality Twist

A young boy
– 12 years old, stabbed with a knife –
lies on the ground,
doctors try to save his life
while you use zoom
to get a more detailed picture of him.
Did you embrace your little son when you came home late at this evening?

A woman
– 40 years old, pregnant with her fifth child –
sits on the couch, crying heavily since the world around her is in deep chaos
while you held the microphone directly in her face,
asking if she loves her children.
Did you laugh when you told her story to your friends after a couple of beers?

A young woman
– 20 years old, sitting in a bus –
fears for her life
while you ask questions to that guy who has kidnapped her.
Did you vomit when you heard that, only one minute after you had left the bus, she was killed by the man with a single shot?

Sometimes, I wonder why I didn’t made my way into journalism – in such moments, my doubts are vanished without seconds.

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