Song Tittle Challenge: Edge of Seventeen


Blood dropping on the dirty floor. Walls beginning to move closer. Shadows dancing next to the old graffiti and tags. Fuck off. Lisa – I’m gonna kill ya bitch. I love you – her eyes are directed towards the pink-green chaos in front of her. Then she faints.

Wings unfolding. Climbing higher. Stopping – being rejected, being sent on a journey again.

She wakes up, the needle still hanging in her right arm. The demons of her life don’t want her to leave now. Not before Lisa has turned seventeen.


For more information on the “Song Title Challenge”:

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3 Responses to Song Tittle Challenge: Edge of Seventeen

  1. KokkieH says:

    Thanks for joining the challenge. This is an interesting take on the title. I think you capture the chaos of a drug-induced haze well.

    • thanks for your comment. I just listened to the song – got apparently off track with my text a bit, regarding the song : -)

      Your text is very nice – perfectly for the ScienceFiction-genre!

      • KokkieH says:

        The whole point is that it shouldn’t match the song. I’ve made a romance from gangsta rap, sci-fi from metal, and a murder mystery from a hymn. Write whatever the title makes pop into your head.

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