Song Title Challenge: “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (U2)

“Sunday Bloody Sunday”: William hasn’t heard this song for many years but now, memories fload his mind. The gun in his hand, the blood on the little boy’s face, these eyes starring at him. William needs to stop the car and rest.


“Sunday Bloody Sunday”: Séan hasn’t heard this song for many years but now, memories fload his mind. The blood on his little brother’s face, his mother never looking at him again, his own father’s painful hunger strike in prison. Séan needs to stop the car and rest.


Maybe it is coincidence, maby it is fate. Two hours later, these two men will meet again – after 41 years – on this little ferry supposed to head to the North Irish coast.

At first, Séan doesn’t realize there is another passenger on the ferry. It is rainy and foggy when he gets on board. After handing the money for the ticket to the female assistant, Séan goes to the front of the board – starring into the grey distance, enhaling the salty air of the troubled sea. Finally heading home, he thinks. Then, a gun shot crashes into his calm mind.

William has always feared this moment. Turning crazy, his doctor has once said, is most dangerous for you. The ex-soldier didn’t make the mistake to reply that he was already in his own world of craziness. Seeing faces, hearing whispering ghosts, feeling hands that want to steal his gun. The gun he now holds in his left hand. Has it been useful to kill this young woman, the ticket assistant? Her name was Naeve – her husband is probably a member of the IRA, they already wait for you over there, the voice in his head says. Why do you return to Northern Ireland if you can’t deal the past, another voice enters his mind. And what had the captain to do with it? William already deals with the past, he kills all the terrorists, is the sharp reply. In this moment, a man enters the little rest room, where William helds residence, with two dead bodies at his feet.

When Séan hears the first shot, his immediate instinct is to run to his car and hide there. Then, when the air transports another shot some moments later, Séan realizes that he does what he always does. Fleeing, hiding where nobody will find him. Like he has done on this day in 1972. He has seen that he younger brother was in danger – too close the British soldiers have been – but Séan has let go back on the street, himself prefering to stay in the back. Seeing his brother’s blue eyes again. Séan opens the door of his car and heads to the passenger’s room.

Later this night, a North Irish fisherman calls the police – the local ferry is too close to the coast, he says. It’s too late. The ferry hits the rocks. When the storm is going to be over, maybe years later, 4 dead bodies can be found on the ground of the sea. All appear to have been killed with a single shot in their head.


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4 Responses to Song Title Challenge: “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (U2)

  1. Well done! U2 is one of my top-5 favorite bands. They are out-of-this-WORLD amazing!

    –Love and Liberation–

    Jan @

  2. KokkieH says:

    Interesting take on the title. I like that you created a complete story that ends. Mine tend to turn out more like scenes from a bigger story.

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