9th November 1938, Germany


jewellery, furnitures, clothes, books, paintings, …

Goebbels writes in a note
that you and the other “citizens” of the German Reich

feeling the cold hand
of the Jewish ghost
when wearing the young singer’s red dress this night?

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7 Responses to 9th November 1938, Germany

  1. Dhyan says:

    where does this last line come from?

  2. the last line refers to a Jewish singer living in Mannheim – she lost everything in the aftermath of the progrom

    hope the poem isn’t offensive in any way?

    • Dhyan says:

      I am unfamiliar with the story, if it is known in any scale.

      How do you think it might be offensive? I don’t see why it should be

      I have always been fascinated with Germans reaction to these days and especially young ones.

  3. Dhyan says:

    Ja, ihr, hat es. Ich verstehe die Grund und es kann echt komisch sein, wenn ein deutscher von Holocaust redet aber wir, alles, müssen auch freier sein, uns zu behandeln, besonders mit einander. zu reden einfach und ohne angst.
    (scheiße. dass war echte schlecht deutsch. entschuldigen ;) )

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