Hey, sexy redhead

Hola, mi amigo,
Elise yells across the room,
You look very sexy today.

Sexy, or did I want to say sensual, sensitive, strange…
Elise always gets the s-words wrong ‘causing her so many problems in daily life
Xavier might think now that I’m very naughty, Elise imagines and reddens
You look very stiff today, damm wrong word again.

Red men always this influence on her
Elise already knew this when she was a young teenager back then in this small town
Daniel, Dante, David…her first three lovers
Hoping, Healing, Harming
Elise always fell for this type of guys
Amiga, Xavier yells back
Do you like to play scrabble with me?

’cause I’m lost for words right now

For more information on sexy red heads: Have a look at the upcoming exhibition of the photographer Thomas Knights in London

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4 Responses to Hey, sexy redhead

  1. Kevin Westphal says:

    And this is why i follow your blog.i love it

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