Some thoughts … on blogging and followers

On August 30th this year, I published my first post on this blog. So far, 45 entries have followed. While tipping these words, there are 859 followers listed in my dashboard.

859? If I had imagined this when starting blogging again, I’d have felt flattered. However, without offending anybody, regarding the equal rise in the spam comments appearing in my dashboard every day, I would assume that the number of real followers – setting together both by persons actually being alive and those actually actively reading my posts – is less impressive.

And those who are a) real and b) willing to read posts, I’d like to thank for their support – either by liking my posts or by, through their comments, giving me the opportunity to reflect both the topics choosen for my pieces and my writing style.

And then there are other bloggers I’d like to thank for their works – let it be poems from all over the world with fantastic images being transported to me or amazing pictures showing the varieties of life: merci

All the best for you in 2014!



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6 Responses to Some thoughts … on blogging and followers

  1. KokkieH says:

    Over 800 followers since August? Seems I must come learn from you about building a following :-D

    Enjoy New Year’s Eve and may you have a great 2014.

  2. Dhyan says:

    Well then,

    After over 5 years and almost 800 posts there 92 people on my list + few that read through a reader and so do not appear. I am sure most of them, all of them, at some point came in and register. tens of them still stop by.

    800 is a huge number. You should start putting ads. But I don’t see why a spammer would also register, that makes no sense. Check where they come from
    and don’t bather,
    Just keep writing as long as it is fun to you. These number tend to confuse at start, i find

  3. yep, you’re right – I shouldn’t bother about the statistic stuff but my art : -)

  4. katysperspective says:

    I’ve just started out, and am feeling pretty bamboozled by all the numbers stuff! Though there’s not much to confuse me at the moment; I have 1 view from my best friend, and hopefully Mum will check it out by the end of today.

    Also, I like your work. I’ll be back here =)

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