Open Letter to V.


Let’s pretend
we’re kids
closing our eyes
turning into someone else
pretend you’re me now

Do you want to wait
for some years
when you’ve hit the 30ies
and he (maybe) has turned
like in that movie with Katharine Heigl
from a nerdy frog
to a partner to stable your life
to someone acknowleding your work, your art
next to his own struggles
his own Gekritzel?

Do you see
that this moment
of “hidden magic”
was over
only minutes later
with him leaving you with his stupidness
literallly forcing you
to step over
the cross-roads of life

Do you feel yourself
thinking about his potential next steps
while he stays silent
hidden in the unsecurity
of careless whisper/
words with meanings
changing every second?

Do you maybe understand
why I don’t want
to pick up the phone and call him?

Do you maybe understand
why I want to move on?

You and him are probably never reading these words. You wouldn’t understand anyway. And maybe that’s the problem of it all

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4 Responses to Open Letter to V.

  1. Dhyan says:

    I am curios.
    who is written to?
    is that intendant to be read by him?
    is that intendant as a poem?
    could you rework the English?
    could you shorten and tight it
    and make it punch?
    do you care what I am curios about?

    • well, it’s quite a complicated thing – V. is actually a female friend of mine “trying” to make him speak to him while I’m already more than pissed of him……his behaviour (or non-behaviour) around Christmas made me posting that …had written the text earlier through

      guess I’ll send you an e-mail about that – too much to write here; might take a while through since my internet at home doesn’t work

      p.s. and make it more punch would actually mean to scream it in his face or to slap him in his face : -)

      p.p.s. and it’s nice that you care about it!

    • wrote you an e-mail about it – as I said, a lot of drama…

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