Yad Vashem


standing next to your classmate
your gaze could be directed towards his eyes
– and not towards the blue-white kippa on his head –
but it isn’t
instead you stand aside
starring to the ground
thinking of the genocide you experienced before fleeing Eritrea

a young African boy among his Israeli classmates at the entrance to Yad Vashem

“makes you think”
those whose ancestors had the idea of liberation on their flags
chat lively
while we stay quiet, silent
(maybe) reflecting
what our fathers and grandfathers,
our mothers and grandmothers
– in the name of the Führer –

Children’s Memorial


Rahel’s birthday
les fleurs

in your writing
you jump from one situation to another
transpassing invisible borders
represented by four languages
– if just …

reading the diary of an unknown female concentration camp prisoner in Poland in the 1940ies

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