changing its colour from blue to red
how to “rebrand” the idea of peace
when even a single word
– spoken to the wrong side –
might be the …


peanut-loving cranichs
flying in a V-formation
on their way towards Golan
V for Vendetta?
V for Victory?
doesn’t matter
they return anyway
an empty stomach matters more than heavy politics right now


daily transit
first exporting apples
then importing Syrian brides
daily needs


even walking on Sea Genezareth
seems possible now
– for us –


when we sit in this little café
– with colourful crowds passing by –
4 eyes are rested upon his face
she pretends to read
– lifting her head from time to time –
whereas he comes closer
– his finger nervously tapping on the table –

Machane-Jehuda-Market in February 2014
we could be in New York or London right now, don’t you think?

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