a boys’ game




mission accomplished

another strike for your (un)bloody list


a situation
arousing three wishes

a) the guns in your hands never change their plastic character
b) your mother, now happily reading her newspaper, never gets a letter from the BKA or the Bundeswehr – this time with no content to smile about
c) my security and those of my family and friends never lies in the hands of such fucking idiots like you

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5 Responses to a boys’ game

  1. Dhyan says:

    Very often I feel a detail is eluding me when I read your poetry. making it hard to connect the edges

    • ja, maybe I write it too much from my perspective – I mean I know what it’s about but shouldn’t assume others can read it too…

      • well, here, two boys (age around 9-11) playing soldiers with plastic guns in the tram; not only like we just to play when we were kids but really with “I shot him”, etc, plus the guns made rrealistic noises; besides her mother sitting next by not really caring what they did…and me inbetween yelling at them to stop after a couple of minutes (felt like in a computer game, like counterstrike)…

  2. Dhyan says:

    I don’t even know how you look like but i find it funny to imagine you yelling at them :) Doesn’t make you feel old? :D I felt very old (and still do) when i tell off the kids

    Maybe it is just me, I don’t know how others perceive your words. So I was hoping it be a constructive comment. Try to show what you see, and add in what you yourself carries into that picture or they way you perceive it.

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