la ola

after last night, i still don’t know if guys find it a) attractive/ sexy or b) strange/ annoying if a woman knows more about football than they do

BUT: Mandzukic and Co., I want you to kick some brazilian asses tonight!

AND: those demonstrating in cities like Sao Paulo, you have my full support – regarding the FIFA’s corruption, etc.

la ola!

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2 Responses to la ola

  1. Dhyan says:

    I am not sure if we know ;)
    Most probably both.

    It’s gonna be hard work for Germany
    and I, sadly, no sure I can imagine that happening.

  2. na, didn’t really believe Croatia to beat Brazil but somehow one always like to support the smaller teams, isn’t that the case? and yes, it’s going to be hard for Germany but I don’t support the team anyway (shame on my German citizenship…) so that shouldn’t be a problem, at least for me….

    both? mmm, the most diplomatic answer? ;-)

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