kratzer an der oberfläche


würden wir unsere augen länger öffnen
sie wären da
ganz klar zu sehen

die (magersüchtige?) frau
die am bahnsteig
verwirrt auf und ab geht

die freundin
die innerhalb von sekunden
von himmelhochjauchzend
zu todebetrübt

der kollege
dessen augen vor stress
tango tanzen

sie wären da

die kratzer an der oberfläche

aber wir wollen die augen nicht öffnen

auch bei uns nicht


eben der schöne schein

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3 Responses to kratzer an der oberfläche

  1. Dhyan says:

    always hard to

    • Dhyan says:

      read poetry written in German.

      why is she anorexic? is it written about something you have read, experienced?

      We are all too often preferring to close our eyes to the problem of others, we even close out eyes to see our own problems, more often than not, even on a daily basis.

      Here, you have the chance to cry and tell.

  2. the friend and the colleague are real – with the woman; it was an observation I made last week at the tram station. Don’t know if she was really anorexic but she looked very, very thin and something must have really disturbed her that day

    yes, we/ I would have the chance to cry and tell here but would it help?

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