Song Title Challenge: “Someone like you” (Adele)


Of course, he didn’t have the money to book Adele.
Or any double making the illusion of the day perfect.
Or the money for that restaurant on top of the hill with the super-cool view over the city late at night, with place for 200 guests.
Or the money for the honeymoon including everything, not to forget the ultra romantic moments on the beach.

You could read everything from his future mother-in-law-glance when he entered the church.

But neither that day nor the future seconds were about that bitch.

A young singer with a guitar.
A small restaurant, with place for family and really close friends – and where they had had their first date.
Her glance at him when they sat in front of their tent, enjoying the summer night together.


Everything for someone like you.
Someone I want to spend my future with.


For more on the “Song Title Challenge”:

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10 Responses to Song Title Challenge: “Someone like you” (Adele)

  1. KokkieH says:

    Good luck to him with that mum-in-law. I was very lucky in that respect. Mine’s great. And no, she’s not sitting beside me as I type this :-D

  2. Dhyan says:

    or just the stupid kind of people
    who are stupid any way and in any case

    or simply those who are hard on themselves taking it on all others

    but i would not know a thing about it

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