schlaaaaaand?! nope…


In the last days, I was – surprise, surprise; it’s football time – asked a couple of times why I wouldn’t watch the games of the German football team. Despite the facts that a) sometimes one has better things to do than watching how 11 (for my taste) non-attractive guys play non-atttractive football or b) I sometimes find it annoying that suddenly everyone likes to watch games, even those not knowing any rules, there’s fact c): I don’t want to support the German team just because I have a German passport.

In some things, I’m terribly German and I can’t deny that growing up here, has formed my personality, but what counts for me, isn’t my nationality but my gender, my interests, (sometimes) my faith, what happens surround me/ how the world within Europe has changed since I grew up and so on. On the paper, I’m German but I define myself as European, woman, 20something, etc. I have no problems if people wave flags and say that “we’ve won” but I want to decide for myself who I’ll keep my fingers crossed, or not. And with the German male football team, I simply don’t.

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2 Responses to schlaaaaaand?! nope…

  1. Dhyan says:

    you are strange ;)
    finally die Mannschaft is playing attractive football and you decide to go against?

    all the rest is good and also very interesting. Watching how people here, in Israel, speak about the German football team one can see how big is the change in culture over the past 20 years. Your words reflect the same kind of process. Even more so when taking into account that about less than a century ago was still very different atmosphere in Germany about waving flags and rooting the Nazional team.

    • I know :-)

      you know what – I watched maybe ten minutes alltogether of all German games so far; maybe they play attractive football right now but I simply don’t care if they win or not…it’s not “my” team because I don’t like the attitude, the structures behind…ach, difficult to explain this way (p.s. I’m quite a fan of the female German team just to make confusion perfect…)…

      yep, it all began to change with the World Cup in Germany 2006 (waving flags, etc.)…maybe it’s already some kind of hype right now; like people also drive around with their cars, etc. even if the team hasn’t won – it’s sometimes more about fun, getting drunk, etc. than about the sports, I think

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