A.N.N.A (Freundeskreis)

A.N.N.A. Freundekreis. The song he must heard the first time when he was like 15 or 16. But why it is there again right now? A mystery, until he glances at the stewardess in front of him. Anna, her name. But there must be more. Joy Denalane. She looks like her, skin, smile… Joy Denalane, the woman who inspired Max Herre to write these lyrics. A.N.N.A. Immer wenn es regnet, muss ich an dich denken.

He wants to concentrate on the newspaper again but that doesn’t work. A.N.N.A. And suddenly he realizes that there is more for him in these lyrics than a pure ohrwurm, that distracts your synapses from working straight. Things he lost times ago and things he is going to loose on his way over the Atlantic. Liebe. Freundschaft. Die Leichtigkeit des Seins. Der Regen auf der nackten Haut.

Not being earnest but being. Not driving around in circles, waiting for miracles. SpEeD Up, DrIvinG StrAIgT. THe SKY is the LImIt.

Jesus/ when did he turn/
into such a Reimemonster/
into someone/
so kitschy/
so out of tune?

Probably when he stopped being
KRüMelMonstEr froM thE SesAmStreeT

Someone who did/
what he wanted to do.

And if only this was to rap A.N.N.A within this cloud of stiffy business-class-people.

And since it’s so beautiful: “Mit dir” (Freundeskreis/ Joy Denalane)

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2 Responses to A.N.N.A (Freundeskreis)

  1. Dhyan says:

    three month ago i found a cd from freundkreis at home. not even sure how did it came here. But they have some really cool stuff. which i actually like more than these two

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