Mut zur Wut

Every sommer, for a couple of weeks, some places in the German cities of Mannheim and Heidelberg turn into open galleries. Near public places, where you’re used to see posters advertising new clothes and films or upcoming events. But when it’s time for “Mut zur Wut” (literally translated: To have the courage to show your anger), you don’t meet models, Leo DiCaprio or any popular singer but very nice examples of creative criticism of circumstances important to be spoken about:

I still doubt if it was a coincidence that, of 25 posters shown in front of the Mannheim castle/ university, the only one destroyed is the one showing Wladimir Putin with a Pinoccio-nose but my favourite is “Bügeln and Gebügelt werden” (“Ironing and being ironed” aka “Do everything for your man plus be used as his object of desire”)…. almost beaten by a Biene Maja, being unconscious by all the drugs flying the air, and a North-Korean dictator hidden in/ disappearing into nowhere.

For more on “Mut zur Wut”:

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