far away

we play a game you
and me
it’s ok as
long as we know
the rules
rules we aren’t aware of


wir geniesen dieses spiel
du und ich
weil wir uns an regeln
regeln, die wir selbst
nicht kennen

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11 Responses to far away

  1. Dhyan says:

    like in the other post, I think I prefer the German version.

    Have you notice that the word in bracket is so different? In English it says you two will learn the rules in the future and in German it suggests that the two of you might not enjoy this game for too long.
    then in the English version you know the rules (but don’t know them) and in German you are held back (Habe ich ‘anhalten’ richtig verstanden?) by these rules.

    • the idea was there’re rules unconsciously inside us that hinder us from doing certain things – thus we enjoy the game. If we break these (hidden) rules, then it’ll get dangerous. Too complicated?

  2. Dhyan says:


    it is a true observation (and perhaps even stronger in the German society). I think, I am not sure, that we cannot really break them as long as we don’t recognise them. I mean… if we are unaware of them then they just play on us. for us to be able to break them we need to recognise their affect on us.

    Do you hint for a sexual/emotional/man-woman game, doch, ge? Because I think in these situations we are mostly aware of the rules society is burdening us with.
    Much of the danger is coming specially because we are aware of it. Perhaps, I think now, ‘Danger’ only “show up” when we become aware.

    complicated ? ;)

    • isn’t sexual/emotional/man-woman-game complicated anyway?! you’re right – it’s probably the rules one is aware of but doesn’t speak about to each other so there’s the danger coming in

      • Dhyan says:

        well, i think the answer to both things is – once you are clear open and honest there is no real danger. I mean you might still get trouble from society (from sleeping around, sleeping with a married person, out of your class blah blah blah) but not between the two of you.

        and yes.
        and no.
        it is only a complicated game because of the gap between two people, bridge the gap and there is no game. only beauty.

        I read the Hebrew word משיח (MASCHIACH, – messiah) as מ-שיח (Me-Siach, – from conversing). I think when we talk and listen the messiah is here.

      • and what if the game is the real beauty? (the idea of playing with each other)

  3. Dhyan says:

    I have a de ja vu.

    a – the danger is playing a part in the making of beauty
    b – what do you care about the rules?
    c – I have no clue. I am not sure I like the game.
    d – all and none of the above
    e – enjoy!!!!

  4. Dhyan says:

    XD :lol:
    I seriously doubt it.

    plenty of other better (well, in fact much worth but more possible) reasons.

    {how can anything be better than this dialogue :?:)

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