on slow-motion/on speed

du schlenderst dahin
zigarette in der hand
dein gesicht kurz erleuchtet
als du um die ecke biegst

während der geliebte rennt
blumen in der hand
um die bahn noch zu reichen

mannheim, zwei spazierende am morgen und am abend


you rather dance that you walk
cigarette in your hand
there’s sun on your face
when you turn around the corner

while the lover runs
flowers in his hands
dying to catch the tram

mannheim, two walkers, early and late in the day

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8 Responses to on slow-motion/on speed

  1. Dhyan says:

    i am not sure why you created such a different between the versions (when I got the German correctly).

    and does the last line says that each stanza describe a different walker?

    • yes, two people

      ach well, you know I like changing my mind when translating what I already wrote

      • Dhyan says:

        mm.. yes, in fact I think you said so before.
        Want to remind me why? Why to change what works, or if creating another version why not have it in the same language?

        (BTW – I hope you can expect a parcel any time between tomorrow and the next millennium)

      • dunno- maybe I don’t really translate but develop two different poems from one idea in my mind without noticing

        (let’s hope then that it is only 85 years away so I’ll get it in this century, toda!)

  2. Dhyan says:

    counting on our post (and sometimes, sadly, yours too) is a great risk!

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