Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

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Imagine you’re a French soldier, during Great War, in the fields of Verdun, in a dark bunker – and you haven’t seen light for days and days

The time from 1914 to 1918 was the time of descent of European civilization; with an uncredible amount of lives being wasted for nothing

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12 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

  1. Dhyan says:

    if that was decent than how you call the one after it ? (And I do think that as the war part goes the first one was just horrible to be in).

    And what should we call the Middle Ages and the crusades, the Witch Hunt and Inquisition in the Renaissance? The Old Continent was so brutal until not so long ago.

    • ww1 was a descent, ww2 was hell

      interesting thing to say that the Old Continent was so brutal until not so long ago – if I hear that 10.000 hooligans plan to demonstrate against Islam at Brandenburger Gate in November; then – for me – it shows again the consequences of just burying up/silencing so many atrocities/racist ideas in the past

      • Dhyan says:


        yet (for now at least and hopefully) it is not as brutal as it used to be. Even wars are less brutal these days, hard to believe. They are less human too most of the time, in that that most don’t even see their opponents eyes any more=less respect.

        I am not so optimistic about Europe if to be honest. Some older friends suggested today at lunch that it is not going to be safe for Jews around. I still think Muslims are going to be the tip of the suffering spear in that regard. The Clash of Civilisation from Huntington is perhaps taking shape after all. Allies shifts in strange ways though and no one can really see how will it turn tomorrow. Perhaps the celebration for peace democracy and safety was too early.

      • (unfortunately) I fully agree with your comment on Europe with regard to safety aspect towards Jews and Muslims – wished I could be more positive here but that would be like day-dreaming

  2. Dhyan says:

    in fact it will be against all foreigners if it will happen. In that regard, easier to be a someone who look like the majority.

    And again, I think it is coming to a culture/civilisation problem – just not sure they all align the way Huntington foresaw it in regard to which groups want to be on which side.

    And it is better not to day dream at all. I think it is good not to carry away but not to close our eyes to what is happening or might happen. Very quickly.

  3. Dhyan says:

    the whole situation

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