some breakfast-philosophy in the evening

ok, I have to admit it
we women can be difficult
this mélange of romanticized confidence
that arouses questions in all circumstances
(opening doors or opening compliments)
but seriously

imagine a woman constantly starring at your penis,
or a female, who could be your mother,
always making the same lame jokes,
that are based on your gender
and not on you as a person,
simply as that.

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3 Responses to some breakfast-philosophy in the evening

  1. Dhyan says:

    1st – I don’t think you even need the introduction part. Osho said that everything that comes before the ‘but’ is a lie. I say that this one doesn’t authorize the other any how. Like lying naked by the river doesn’t mean you want to have sex. with anyone. first.
    2nd – it is very visual but I am not sure at all the whole of us men get it. See, we are not the same so much, and though I think most men (I think) are aware of that, at least nowadays, those who stare at you might not be offended so much if you stare back at them. I would have offer you a social research but I don’t want to take responsibility for the consequences so I won’t.

  2. reading your words, I guess I remember we had the discussion about the but-structure before :-) I wanted to state that sometimes it might be difficult for men to say when they overstep the line; like when is a statement sexistic and when it is “just” a joke? But of course, your example is perfectly right – nobody has the right to read “woman wears a skirt = like to have sex/wants to be raped” or whatever, nobody.

    and defintely, there would be men who even find it cool/arousing if one stares at their penis region…. no social research needed here, even if I’d be curious to see how you’d organize it

    • Dhyan says:

      Big SMILE

      (and yes, I like to use this quote so it is very possible you have heard it already)

      now, about crossing the line. I think we, western society, have moved too far away to the other side. Sometimes it is nice someone tells you you look beautiful today. Even if it is your colleague or your boss. Men cannot stay in a room in an office with the door closed and my mother ask my to put a camera in my clinic, just in case.

      But we always do it. Run from one stupid extreme to the other.

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