sun goes down

all we chase is the sunset. it was the last i heard from her before she left me, heading to a country with much more more sun than here in the north.


the woman I sit opposite in the tram to the airport has her hair built like a tower. a tower to protect her innerself from all the nasty man chasing her towards the sunset?


the ferry takes us to mallorca. the first thing i realize how pale i am, and how much healthier i look in comparison to all these sun-tained-people. but do i want to be healthy right now?

an elderly man sitting on a chair, watching us chasing by. he glances at my camera. does he remember how he took photographs of his wife?


the sun rises. i head back to the north. ’cause i miss my man.

P.S. sorry for posting all these youtube-videos lately but if anyone has other ways to find inspirations for stories than listening to music, feel free to tell me : -)

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4 Responses to sun goes down

  1. Dhyan says:

    don’t apologize. it’s your place. (and at least for me, hearing/listening to the music of someone whose blog I am reading is another way to get to know them)

    Why do you feel more healthy in your paleness? I mean those full sun burned might not be too healthy, but being to pale doesn’t seems like a good way to healthy life either. In any case it is the fast change between temperatures and exposure to sun rays that is the worst.

    I like the first one.

    A man is good.

    (or hope you had a great time down south)

  2. Dhyan says:

    then it worked well ;)

    (I feel stupid now)

    so, you didn’t go towards the sun?
    na, ja, happy 3rd advent

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