on being German assholes/ Ihr seid nicht das Volk

want to
express anger


just want to
throw up


Deutschland schützen?

vor was genau?

gleichgeschalteten Medien
gleichgeschaltetem Idiotentum?


These two poems deal with the current Pegida-movement in Germany. Pegida for “Patriotic Europeans against Islamization”. For all who understand German, I highly recommend these two articles/videos:


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4 Responses to on being German assholes/ Ihr seid nicht das Volk

  1. Dhyan says:

    and it’s not going to get better any time soon. Only worse. Sorry.

    at least the Heute-Show is funny.
    I should watch it more often.

  2. what I meant was that ok, some of these who now go on the streets, aren’t primarily racists, but just worried (for their work, etc.) and they are quite easily instrumentalized/talked to to connect their fears with stereotypes towards foreigners (by neonazis, etc.) – I mean does one looses its job because of economy, etc. or because there are immigrants? don’t say all demonstrating are really stupid but they miss some (important) links/details in the big picture

    mmm, have to think about if it is really connected with 2006 or not even earlier; the past 9/11-discussions, the war in Afghanistan, etc. …

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