random clischée-ly

Dearest Cupido,
must say something’s wrong
with your arrows;
or you’re a damm
bad private;
’cause you hit
anything but the aim


hate playing
a card that I don’t
have in my hand;
but sometimes one
needs to play
to enjoy the game

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8 Responses to random clischée-ly

  1. Dhyan says:

    dear Anne
    make sure your armour
    doesn’t cover all your body
    but the heel.
    Sometimes I am a bit tipsy
    with all that nectar, you know
    my aim isn’t steady
    better leave me
    a larger target.


    sometimes you bluff
    sometimes you play
    better have more from the later


    Are you going to finish
    this glass empty?

  2. oh my heel, my heel,
    now I know
    why to wear
    and not
    when you’re around


    sometimes your bluff
    is better
    than your play

    you mean that glass
    with white wine
    or the one with water?

  3. Dhyan says:

    O dear, o dear
    I am sure you remember
    what have happened to Achilles
    at the River Styx
    now, if you want me to aim
    right and hit
    right at the right
    man, you better empty your heart

    no. Mind. You better empty your mind.
    And the cup.
    Leave the water to me.


    We both be glad
    I am not the subject
    of this play
    cause my bluff is poor enough

  4. O dearest,
    I do remember well
    and I remember well
    enough I’m not a man
    but a woman;
    but to remember
    if my heart is already
    empty –
    that I’m not capable
    in some seconds

    yes. and no.
    perfect –
    since right now
    I prefer the taste
    of wine
    on my lips
    and not the taste
    of water

    but who knows
    who’s subject
    and who’s object
    in this play?

    • Dhyan says:

      one, two, step
      turn around
      and let us dance
      naked and empty
      handed, let us clear
      the bottles and empty
      our hearts
      so life can blow
      through as it wish
      swischhh swichhh


      if it is yes
      and no
      if it is you
      and i
      then we better
      call the bluff
      and play
      no game
      but laugh

  5. a game
    or something else
    that arouses laughter,
    together with the wine
    that is
    on my lips
    (and on your hand)

    while we step
    on each other’s feet,
    feet first feeling
    the sun,
    then suddenly
    the upcoming snow

    and we’re both
    kids again
    with snow-flocks in our hair

    swischhh swichhh
    bahu bahu;
    like “Das kleine Gespenst”
    life blows around
    our souls

  6. Dhyan says:

    a naked hand
    on wine-red laughing lips
    feet stumble
    over feet
    life couples with souls
    on a swisching dance.

    Hey Cup! It smells
    like the right time.

  7. a hand
    that was once naked,
    now dressed with a
    stumbles over skin

    hey cupido,
    I feel your smell
    (hoping it’s more than bitter-sweet nectar)

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