digital diet


do you have
whatsapp, facebook
instagramm, tinder
mfg, abc or xyz?

no, i have

(and my me
prefers to meet
people face-to-face)


they say that human beings
develop back,
towards stupid apes,
sitting on computers

what a bad comparison
for real apes

at least they know
how to get honey themselves
instead of waiting for it

and did you ever see
an ape
who needs a smartphone
to find his way
through the jungle (of life)?!

(sh*, where’s my smartphone, by the way?)

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4 Responses to digital diet

  1. Dhyan says:

    nice dear
    I like the 2nd part

    I also don’t have FB or Insta or Tweeter. (though I do have whatsapp, nothing to do with the others). I should get tinder though – good for sex life they say ;) (but you need FB for that) mmm..

    what to do…
    yes – like all – balance is important. none of those are evil, or just bad, in itself – it is the way we use them and the place in our life they take.
    a bit like WP, ge?

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