thank God


thank God
for your faith,
for your inner peace

live your faith
however you interpret it

but please stop
talking to strangers at the tram station about your glorious God,
arranging information booths about Jesus on a flea market,

and don’t you find it racist
to tell the only black person in the tram that you could give him a bible that has been written in his mother tongue?!


Today, in the morning, in the German state of Bremen, the police gave warning of Islamic terror. After today’s morning, and the real situations described above (experienced within a time span of 3 hours in Mannheim, Germany), I’m not sure which form of religious extremism/ mania influences my daily life to a greater extent.

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2 Responses to thank God

  1. Dhyan says:

    O, extremist all over the world and across all genres of so-called religions are getting stronger and full of fear. Personally, if you care to hear me, they have good reasons. Our humanity is getting in many ways (though not only, clearly not only) farther and farther away from divinity, from love and loving, from simplicity.

    But those extremist are the embodiment of the worst distance. They look inside them and find absolutely no tool to block the fear, to be able to relax for short enough time to accept what is happening around. They only see inside them darkness and evil, and the resort to the most idiotic way humanity has ever come up with to deal with its own human faults – blaming other on it.

    And so they set off on great journeys, on crusades, Jihad, they go out to root anything that might be holding that horrible evil and darkness they have rightly (!!!) recognised. Only they are too weak to go on this journey inside as most of their fore-forefathers have suggested.

    It is similar here. Only when those come asking me to do the ritual of laying of phylacteries (which I kind like in fact, but never do) I cross myself and they run away. It is the same in India with Hindu extremist and in fact just everywhere.

    Sad post. But good to point that out.

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