im nirgendwo


It’s half past 2 and I’m waiting for my dealer. Not during night-time. It’s full day but there’s no sun. Half past 2 and I’m waiting for my dealer, on a train station, in the midst of Germany. That would be perfect, he had said, among a crowd of people, nobody will see what we two do. Well, he must never have been in Ludwigshafen, main station, on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe he had meant half past 2 at night? Would there more people around? Ghosts, football fans coming home late, …?! Speaking of football fans, I suddenly hear some bawling and turn around. Indeed, there comes a crowd. Wearing black. Jump boats. What else for the full stereotype? Seems I’ll need my drugs so much more. My iPad switches to Lauryn Hill, “To Zion”. I stopped praying long ago.

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