Those readers who know me a bit better know that I like to write about socio-cultural topics.

For this week’s photo challenge, the topic is “Broken”. I only saw this when I returned from my trip to Spain, going through wordpress’ reader. Broken? What is broken, who is broken? I uploaded a picture from a homeless person that I’ve made in Spain’s capital Madrid. In this context, there could be other pictures to share; some which would be more artistic from a photographer’s point of view as the one of a man sleeping in front of an old cinema, on the pavement, or others that make you more angry, as mothers using their children to attract people’s attention, with no protection from the strong heat. Situations that I saw but didn’t take a picture of.

Anyway, is this picture here, the man, broken or am I broken because I’m more interested in taking the picture than checking if the man does indeed sleep, and isn’t dead?

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4 Responses to Broken

  1. elizabethweaver says:

    One of our terrible challenges…this inequity of life on every level while part of an increasingly greedy, materially-mad species of disposables…and then there’s the question of photo vs protection of another. I also grapple with this and admire your honesty in this post. Thank you.

  2. Having just read ‘Little Bee’, I am desperately sad at the state and number of homeless people around every town and city in every part of the world. I feel at a loss as to what we can do about it. I’ve just sponsored a child in Africa but really its a drop in a cruel ocean.

    • thanks a lot for your kind words! Indeed, our helplessness makes the problem even worse – next to to the fact, that many people who could (sometimes at least something) change do nothing here

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