To all the hungry readers


England is far away (?)
when Truman Capote is served
hot chocalate for breakfast,
his eyes directed towards Afghani hills

and Chris McCabe wants Inspector Lynley
to investigate the 7/7 axis of Guantanamo-evilness

and educated vampires named
Rita and Romoeo
sit on unknown Rhodesian farms,
solving Murakami’s puzzles of life

and we two try to find out
who the Hungry Ghost is

she: making her first steps through the world of English literature
me: trying to remember on which book I lost my virginity of English literature … um … 19 years ago

Harry P. was never on the guestlist;
he just didn’t have the ring with him,
and his socks weren’t greyish enough.

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4 Responses to To all the hungry readers

  1. Well I just read The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey and I could not put it down! Its a remaking of the Russian Folk Tale ~ The Snow Maiden but with a twist and it is a great read. Ps I’m not advertising, just honest recommendation!

  2. D! says:

    I wish I would read more novels. I am trying to get back into this wonderful habit.
    Though for some crazy unknown reason I wish to start with Mann which I’ve never read. Well, any how, there is a good friend who send me a wonderful book once a year. Now is that time of the year and I am looking forward for the surprise.

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