Daily Prompt: Connection

– net -I -ion -on -connect -tec -Nonne -one -Ei -ein -con …-Enno -nie -uno -not(t)e -not …

I’m pretty too late. The daily prompt was published on wordpress like two weeks ago but now, on this Sunday evening, after two days of fighting a cold by sleeping, drinking tea and watching the most stupid German afternoon Tv shows, I sit down to search the connections inside “connection”. It starts pretty slow, with -net, -I and -ion but then I’m suddenly amidst a beautiful scene on an Italian market, maybe in the North, maybe in the South. And there’s a guy called Enno, and maybe it’s notte, or maybe it’s morning, or maybe it’s both for him. And he is not the one of these guys, or he is, and all he is screaming is “io“, “me”. And then “me” becomes … Somewhere in Italy on a warm Sunday evening.


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