A Day With(out)


Sunrise Avenue is on. Hollywood Hills. Maybe you’ve already been there, got stoned in the clubs of L.A. Or you hate the American Way of Life. But it’s that Finnish singer that turns you on and you turn up the music up everytime you hear his voice. He’s that strong, and nordic. Which makes me think if you might be gay and maybe you hide your sexuality, maybe you live it very open and people secretely talk behind your back.

There’s something to drink on the table. Breakfast time. A chai. Or you like it black and strong, a cigarette, nothing else. However, you might like it the healthy way, with Chia or some other super food to start into the day with.

Time to kill so you start reading. Do you decide to read the Spiegel, to see what they write about people as you? Or wouldn’t that be an option anymore? What about poetry, to start smooth into the working day? There’s “Inside” by John Siddique, about the 7/7 bombings in London. He’s Muslim, you know, but there might be a time when you want to read about the Other, what is done in the name of God.

In the tram, there are people who weren’t born in the country of your ancestors. They speak other languages, they dress differently. Do you care? Or don’t see ’cause you prefer to drive by car, to avoid any contact?

At work. To log into Facebook. It’s American, you know. That’s already foreign for you?! Between which cultures, which religions do you draw the line of difference? Who is bad and who is wrong.

Your colleague starts to talk about the movie that she plans to watch the other day. “An der Seite der Braut”. How did your taste of movies change during the years? Did it change anyway? Was there any time when you’d have join, to see images from other worlds, from places that were in real danger?

Evening, night. Meeting up. With whom? Are there any friends left? How old are you anyway, what is true/real in your life when everything is forbitten/isn’t halal (forgive me my joke, couldn’t resist to compare you with a Muslim)? Or am I wrong and live the coolest life ever ’cause everything you think/feel/do is right and “the Other” is always wrong?!

An attempt of fiction – how does life look like if you’re a racist.

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