I always hated this idea of “us” vs. “them”, “we” and “they”, but then on New Year’s Eve, I find myself sitting in the tram, and I simply want to have any second skin around me. As if suddenly the entire tram/Mannheim’s city was home to groups of young, darker-skined men, as if “fake” was “reality”. And I’m in the middle, turning crazy because of paranoid thoughts.

I’m still against “us” vs. “them” but something has changed, inside me, and I’m scared of this emotion. It could be so simply: I could continue laughing about all those “the world has became black”-idiots, about people such as F. who condemms Hillary Clinton because “she’s a lesbian and takes cocaine”, and ask myself how much more sick the world will become. I could. But at the moment I don’t.

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