my personal sponge

This last day of the first month of the new year – it’s … well, everything that can go wrong, it went wrong. From a belated tram, a missed train, a bus that goes to the wrong direction, from another belated train, an important journalist ending up at a wrong place, a business-man flirting with you and your colleague, then suddenly speaking of his wife,…. around 20:00, sitting in the tram, going finally home, after 13 hours. And then…no, the guy sitting next to you isn’t your boyfriend, he is not flirting with you in French, and he’ll not have dinner with you later; but it makes you realize the meaning of the German-saying “Schwamm drüber”: Literally, take a sponge, and clean it away. Your day might have been stress² but there’s always someting to smile about, even in the greatest chaos.

31st January 2017

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