two souls

He had asked if she’d put on her most beautiful dress. She did. Standing in front of her closet, there was no doubt, in this second, which one she’d take. It was not dress but a skirt, still she took it. The one her mother had carried one on a special occasion as well. And she remembered, from her mother’s stories, and the pictures on the wall, that her mother had worn flowers on her head, comparable to those flowers in her heart she wanted to have in her heart at this night. So the young woman went to several flower shops to get all the colours she needed. The city was crowded this day. Everybody wanted to get the daily shopping done before the big football game started at 8. Finally, their small country had the chance to enter the finale of the European Football Championship. Besides, it was very warm. 40 degrees. But while everyone rushed around in the narrow streets of Kraków, the young woman stayed cool. Walked to the bus station, walked again to her apartment, sat down to weave her crown of flowers.

It hadn’t cooled down when they finally meet in one the restaurants his cousins had recommended him. For the first date. “For the one”, as the olderly man had said while smiling. They had agreed to meet outside. But he had troubles seeing her, the football fans with their red-white flags distracted him. And then when he saw her, his glance first went to the flowers, then to her skirt. This impression wouldn’t leave the evening, 2 hours and 20 minutes in which he didn’t see the glance in her eyes/didn’t hear the intelligent things she said.

And he left with this impression. Thought that he’d spent the evening with a woman he could never hang around in one of the cool discos he sometimes went, or that she wouldn’t be one to take with to any of these boring but important business dinners. Thought that she was of these hippies who wanted back the 1970ies. Back of in his apartment, he took of the belt that his father had worn when he’d met his mother. It hadn’t brought him any luck. As the skirt and the flowers hadn’t brought any luck to the young woman.

Later that night, Poland lost the game, and a whole nation cried.


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