Not in my name

I really want to laugh, really f* loud. If there’s a God, then He or She or They must be a fine Master of irony. On Pentecost Monday, I really had a strange episode with an elderly religious woman on the train. She spreaded the message that we “all should pray for Germany” (what she, of course, did since the 1970ies – and yes, it had helped; her prayers had “stopped a serious self-bombing-attack to take place in Germany”). For nearly 2 weeks, I had wondered how to blog about this episode. And then when I finally have an idea, I sign in for wordpress to find out that I have a new follower who “wants to teach God’s love to the World”. Mmm, how should I tell it without being very rude? I’m not against religion. If you believe in God, miracles, etc., then that’s ok with me. But why do more and more people believe that it’s their mission to tell others, or to some extent to persuade others, how great their God is? Did it ever come to your mind that there’s a life that is great without God? To say it quite frankly: If I see advertisments with messages such as “God will enlighten you”, then I have the strong urge to vomit. God, yes, religion might enlighten and help some people, but it’s not the panacea for everything. Please stop telling me and others who feel the same to believe as you do. I’m not you. And I don’t need your God to help me. As Germany does not not need people praying for its “revival”.

P.S. If you speak German – here’s the story on the train:

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