“Long live….”*

There are days, like today, when on my way to work, I stand in the tram and suddenly see German flags. Not one, but several. State flagging. On buildings such as the police headquarters or the district court. And then in these moments, I try to remember which day it is today. Ah, 27th of January (remembering the victims of Nationalsocialism), 1st of May (Day of Labour), 17th of June (remembering the Popular uprising in the DDR in 1953) – or 20th of July. 1944. Attempt of killing Hitler. By Stauffenberg and others. Who were killed because of their actions of resistance/Widerstand.

I’ve forgot the flags in the moment I was entering office around 9a.m. The idea of resistance only came back to my mind when – on my way home – an man stood on the tram’s plattform, yelling something the World War Three coming. The infidels would take power over. The way the man spoke, one could believe that he had started sleeping in 1945 and was now waking up. Apparently, the Americans start to take us over (again?). Not sure agains whom we should resist more – those warning of World War Three or those telling us that World War Two has taken the wrong end.

*It is believed that the last worlds of Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg – before he was shot dead – were “Long live sacred Germany”/”Lang lebe das heilige Deutschland”.

*The picture shows the entrance to the German Concentration Camp of Dachau. It was openend on March 22nd in 1933 as camp for political prisoners. It was liberated on April 29th in 1945 by US-troops. About 42.000 people died in Dachau during these 12 years. Work did not liberate, regardless of religion, ethical belonging or political belief. (“Arbeit macht frei” – “Work sets you free.”).

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