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let’s start a revolution and begin to see beauty in all the small/simple things. #quoteofmynewlife Advertisements

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le theatre sur la rue, avec des chaussures fleureux

#ludwigshafen – unpeudifferentcetweekend #non,jeneparlepasfrancaistrèsbien

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“Long live….”*

There are days, like today, when on my way to work, I stand in the tram and suddenly see German flags. Not one, but several. State flagging. On buildings such as the police headquarters or the district court. And then … Continue reading

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life in an hedge

lost my innocence today. was told that there are people who make money online by posting pictures with an hedgehog. of an hedgehog. worldwide. on a pool. in Iceland. in a desert. maybe not in a desert. might be too … Continue reading

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mécs, les (m.); singular: le méc

on cherchons les mécs à Mannheim on regardons les mécs à Bruxelles on … les mécs … à … m – pour masculin mais pas d’un body-builder é – pour émotional mai pas d’un Heulseuse c – pour cordial mais … Continue reading

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Not in my name

I really want to laugh, really f* loud. If there’s a God, then He or She or They must be a fine Master of irony. On Pentecost Monday, I really had a strange episode with an elderly religious woman on … Continue reading

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Ich sitze im Zug zurück nach Mannheim. Es ist Pfingstmontag. Auf dem Sitz neben mir liegt mein Wanderrucksack, geschmückt mit einigen Waldblumen, die ich am Vormittag gepflückt habe. Ich lese, ein spannender Krimi aus dem hohen Norden. Normalerweise vermeide ich … Continue reading

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it makes us speechless. our heads explode from all the cities’/places’ names. they would split into pieces, if the other cities/places entered as well. it makes us speechless. immobile, to lift our arms, that seem to be unharmed, to stop … Continue reading

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au nordpol/ou/au suedpol

may/be “we” is “i” or “you” or simply “we”//may/be a glance is a glance, interest or simply nothing//may/be a+b=c, a+b=-d or simply a+b=1//meanwhile i turn my head to l’élégance du jour/avec les pinguins sur la glace, la terre or simplement … Continue reading

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untitled*theme for the week

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