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au nordpol/ou/au suedpol

may/be “we” is “i” or “you” or simply “we”//may/be a glance is a glance, interest or simply nothing//may/be a+b=c, a+b=-d or simply a+b=1//meanwhile i turn my head to l’élégance du jour/avec les pinguins sur la glace, la terre or simplement … Continue reading

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untitled*theme for the week

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tonight//cette danse

oublie mes mots/take me in your arms//pour danser/pour rire/pour pleurer//tonight/et les autres jours/je sais pas ton nom/et ce n’importe pas//je change les langues/comme toi/myself. #paslepeur #avectoi #avecnous

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Es sind starke Wörter, die in diesen Tage benutzt werden. Einige von ihnen haben ihre 70jährige Wurzeln, die doch eigentlich 1.000jährige Wurzeln hätten sein sollen. Andere haben Wurzeln, deren Anfänge wir nicht mehr kennen, nur noch die sprießenden Blätter sind … Continue reading

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flecken auf der haut

Irgendetwas war es, dass ihn dazu zwang plötzlich auszusteigen, eigentlich hätte er erst 5 Stationen später aussteigen müssen, aber so drängte er sich aus der Bahn, hinteließ Fluchen und Tritte, die ins Leere stießen, stolperte ihr hinterher, vielleicht war es … Continue reading

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if I close my eyes and say these prayers, that I’ve learned when I was a child, with faith; reapeat them with strong voice then people who have gotten close to me, do not stay in hospital anymore but return … Continue reading

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and how many journalists do you need to imprison until you become a democrat? ups, I forgot that Germans do know nothing about democracy; we are still all Nazis #freeDenizandalltheothers

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two souls

He had asked if she’d put on her most beautiful dress. She did. Standing in front of her closet, there was no doubt, in this second, which one she’d take. It was not dress but a skirt, still she took … Continue reading

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Through Centuries

Through centuries, there have been people who want to see us on our knees, who want us to pray, to stay obedient, silent. Their form of power over us has taken different forms. Some took us to the pyre, some … Continue reading

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Pictures of the week

  taken in … guess what, not in any Arabic country, but in Schwetzingen (Germany)

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