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Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow

#Lisboa #Lissabon #Portugal #where are the statues of naked men? Advertisements

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Daily Prompt: Expect

if I was naive, I’d expect someting to change I’d expect that (these) Twitter messages change something but I’m not. #MeToo #BraveNewWorld #DailyPrompt:Expect

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The shock is not that it took ages to bring Weinstein’s criminal behaviour to court, that the “MeToo”-campaign crows day by day, that even the Swedish Foreign Minister experienced sexual harassment, that a German musician is celebrated even by young … Continue reading

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A Thousand Names for a handfull of nothing

He was entering the tram like a Spanish bull making its way into the arena. Screamed for his girlfriend “Linda”. On the next station, he asked for his girl “Olga”. One more station and she was called “Steffi”. Several minutes … Continue reading

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On the day of the Federal Election in Germany, we’re first in Guimaraes – the “Siege of Portuguese Nation”. While we walk around the old castle, our guide speaks of Portuguese dicatator António de Oliveira Salazar and his plans with … Continue reading

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As a small Koalabear surfed the big world

Once, the was a small Koalabear-Boy who needed to flee his homeland Australia because of fire – there was no eucalyptus left for him to eat. Some years ago, he had ended up drinking with an elderly sailor from Europe … Continue reading

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Bom Dia//Portugues Diary

“Escudos” – “Stairs”. The first Portugues name/word/expression for me to learn was “stairs”, not “your eyes are beautiful”, “what is your name” or “hi”. He managed it to let me follow him all the way from the Duoro River and … Continue reading

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let’s start a revolution and begin to see beauty in all the small/simple things. #quoteofmynewlife

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le theatre sur la rue, avec des chaussures fleureux

#ludwigshafen – unpeudifferentcetweekend #non,jeneparlepasfrancaistrèsbien

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“Long live….”*

There are days, like today, when on my way to work, I stand in the tram and suddenly see German flags. Not one, but several. State flagging. On buildings such as the police headquarters or the district court. And then … Continue reading

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