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let’s start a revolution and begin to see beauty in all the small/simple things. #quoteofmynewlife Advertisements

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au nordpol/ou/au suedpol

may/be “we” is “i” or “you” or simply “we”//may/be a glance is a glance, interest or simply nothing//may/be a+b=c, a+b=-d or simply a+b=1//meanwhile i turn my head to l’élégance du jour/avec les pinguins sur la glace, la terre or simplement … Continue reading

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untitled*theme for the week

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tonight//cette danse

oublie mes mots/take me in your arms//pour danser/pour rire/pour pleurer//tonight/et les autres jours/je sais pas ton nom/et ce n’importe pas//je change les langues/comme toi/myself. #paslepeur #avectoi #avecnous

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if I close my eyes and say these prayers, that I’ve learned when I was a child, with faith; reapeat them with strong voice then people who have gotten close to me, do not stay in hospital anymore but return … Continue reading

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my personal sponge

This last day of the first month of the new year – it’s … well, everything that can go wrong, it went wrong. From a belated tram, a missed train, a bus that goes to the wrong direction, from another … Continue reading

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Pour toi, cher monsieur

i google your name, search facebook, try to re-find your picture somewhere else, to realize there’s nothing, and that I’m completely fucked up. adieu.

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Du versteckst dich hinter einer Vielzahl von Pseudonymen, raubst mir den Schlaf, lässt mich rennen, stehen bleiben, die Gedanken treiben wie eine Flaschenpost im wilden Ozean umher, meine Fantasie tobt wie ein Orkan. Ich bleibe stehen, atme, bin ich. Der … Continue reading

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I could make my words//a lot more lovely/desirable/understable//but they wouldn’t be mine. #rules to disobey

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rühren/be-rühren/be-wegen mauern, die fallen mauen, die aufgebaut werden müssen rühren/be-rühren/be-schützen

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