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Weekly Photo Challenge: Glow

#Lisboa #Lissabon #Portugal #where are the statues of naked men? Advertisements

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Daily Prompt: Expect

if I was naive, I’d expect someting to change I’d expect that (these) Twitter messages change something but I’m not. #MeToo #BraveNewWorld #DailyPrompt:Expect

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The shock is not that it took ages to bring Weinstein’s criminal behaviour to court, that the “MeToo”-campaign crows day by day, that even the Swedish Foreign Minister experienced sexual harassment, that a German musician is celebrated even by young … Continue reading

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Bom Dia//Portugues Diary

“Escudos” – “Stairs”. The first Portugues name/word/expression for me to learn was “stairs”, not “your eyes are beautiful”, “what is your name” or “hi”. He managed it to let me follow him all the way from the Duoro River and … Continue reading

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and how many journalists do you need to imprison until you become a democrat? ups, I forgot that Germans do know nothing about democracy; we are still all Nazis #freeDenizandalltheothers

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Daily Prompt: Millions

A millions of selfies every week. It could be more if those fighting for their lives in these seconds had the time to throw themselves into pose. In front of a beautiful sunset hail of bombs.

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I still wait him to have coffee with me.

The town I live in – it starts with an “A”. But there’s no beginning. I still wait him to have coffee with me. Some people in the Western World have an atlas with a map of Aleppo from 1996. … Continue reading

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I’m free to write free to write to write write.

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Daily Prompt: Punishment

I wished I could have the fantasy now and write a story about punishment; maybe something to think about, maybe something to love about (a parody about “Fifty Shades of Grey” – who knows?) but lately, when I read the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

Kraków, July 2016

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