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dead water

I return from swimming in the Dead Sea when he tells me that there’s no us anymore. Us split into me, and him and her. That it already goes on for a couple of months. And that he thought one … Continue reading

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Holy Land of Pain and Glory

Montagmorgen. Der Weg in die Arbeit startet mit Zeitunglesen. Eigentlich langweilig, die Zeiung vom Samstag am Montag zu lesen. Und doch diesmal gibt es etwas Spannendes zu entdecken. Eine Delegation aus Mannheim besucht Haifa und andere St├Ądte in Isreal. Auch … Continue reading

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jumping back

for real should’ve been an architect – adding coordinates on that paper – or should’ve been a photograph – capturing the strangest images ever – but would it have been more fun this way – now and then – ?

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ever noticed that there’s no “dead” in reading – the final end is missing – ’cause there’s no second -d instead there’s the pure I

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water changing its colour from blue to red how to “rebrand” the idea of peace when even a single word – spoken to the wrong side – might be the … *** peanut-loving cranichs flying in a V-formation on their … Continue reading

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Yad Vashem

standing next to your classmate your gaze could be directed towards his eyes – and not towards the blue-white kippa on his head – but it isn’t instead you stand aside starring to the ground thinking of the genocide you … Continue reading

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